About Gurkoz Productions

Gurkoz Productions is a company based on the creativity of a one man army known as “gurkoz” a.k.a Jörgen Alexandersson. Related projects are Gurkoz Comics, Gurkoz Games, Gurkoz Ink, Gurkoz Wear and Graphical Sensations.

The website gurkoz.com is the culmination of a several years struggle in the quest for creative perfection. It is my personal website and I have now run it since inception in 1996. The actual domain has for years been the place where I gather my materials and as an outlet for my trapped creativity. The plan for the future is to continue in the same track and share with you what I learn and produce.

As this is my personal website I would like it to reflect myself in the best way. It involves several design changes before you are completely satisfied. Just as you increases your knowledge and changing as a person, your homepage should also vary and grow./p>

A lot has actually happened on the domain in recent years, for a retrospective look at the previous sites. Much of the early material is of questionable quality but I have always learned from the things I’ve done. For myself, it is a confirmation that I have evolved. For you as a visitor, it may be a fun experience, or perhaps the inspiration for something of your own.

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At the side of gurkoz.com the company and website Graphical Sensations emerged. This in response to traditional customers in a professional and clear manner. The emphasis is on quality in which we are endeavoring to the utmost to bring something extra to each project. Read more about Graphical Sensation at http://www.gsens.se.