Version 5 (2005-2009)


After version 4 with the idea to build up several sites, I wanted in version 5 to phase out GSENS to it’s own website and focus on making gurkoz!com even better.

Spent a long time to produce a more brighter design combined with the colors I used in version 4. Blue, yellow and white became the new theme. I was very pleased with the new look and it lifted the whole presentation to a more serious level. Over the years I made many revisions and moved things around here and there. A new start page emerged in which the key would be highlighted in the form of dynamic material updated automatically to reflect what stuff i was working with.

Basically, all this was running my new content management system that I developed just to handle my new sites. I spent an awful lot of time on this. Now when I look back at this, I do not know just how long this lasted. Some years after I had it all up and running, I even made a total overhaul of the system and started over from zero to make everything even better. The time that it included, I can not even think about.

The advantage of running a CMS basically came from having it all dynamic and the simplicity of the updates and so on. However, it all came at the cost of performance that made the site a bit slower. I spent too much time on building components that delivered real-time dynamic materials such as game statistics, and rss feeds. This also contributed to the site were a bit heavier to load with each new feature I added.

After several years, I felt that the job of building on my system became too hard and did more harm than good. I wanted something simple and clean, fast and uncomplicated.

In may 20, 2009, I shut down the site to make room for version 6.