Welcome to Gurkoz Productions (v7.1)

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Almost a full year after the release of version 7, here is now the definite upgrade to enhance my initial vision.

I told myself last year that this really was the definite version and i was looking forward to devote more time to other creative aspects than solely webdesign. I still hold true to that and i can’t wait to get back to painting and taking photos. This upgrade though was much needed and i feel now that it was the correct way to go.

Since i was really pleased with the initial version 7, creating a total re-design to version 8 just didn’t feel right. Instead i would hold on to everything that made it great and push the parts that needed more work. I give you, version 7.1.

My main reasons for this was to try and speed things up and also unleash the full potential to the individual sites. The initial setup used WordPress to conform all sites under one. It felt like the best thing to do at the time but i quickly realized this would eventually bring me severe problems and limit what i could achieve. In this new setup, i am more or less free to do what ever the individual sites require.

At the same time re-building all of this i got the chance to update templates and basic setups to html 5, that feels really nice. And i finally got to use those flickr and youtube scripts i have been working on for quite some time, you can see them in action on the various sites.

Also, the initial entry of www.gurkoz.com got a re-design now using plain html to speed things up. This will in the future be used as a first stop and a road map for the rest of the sites. www.gurkozproductions.com is the center of all information and posts like this one.

As always, there are still a few quirks and things to work out. But i have now reached a point where i feel comfortable with releasing it into the wild. I still have quite a few ideas left untouched, but for the sake of my own sanity, i leave that for later.

The sites now currently available are the following.

Gurkoz Comics
A comic project i am planning to devote more time to in the future.

Gurkoz Games
Gaming profile used to create modifications for various games.

Gurkoz Ink
A collection of various tattoos produced through out the years.

Gurkoz Wear
Unique clothing with custom prints. Adding and designing as we speak, expect grand opening in the near future.

Gurkoz Create
Site devoted to display a stream of all the creations in various fields where Gurkoz Productions is active. Check in here to get a glimpse of the most recent creations.

Gurkoz Canvas
A gallery displaying latest Illustrations and Paintings.

Gurkoz Photo
Latest Photos taken.

Gurkoz Craft
Collection of images showing different crafts in various stages.

Gurkoz Tube
Latest videos uploaded to YouTube. Mostly captures playing various games.

Gurkoz Play
Screenshots taken playing various games.

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Welcome to gurkoz.com v7

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Welcome to the 15 year anniversary edition of Gurkoz Productions website. This is the seventh version and it’s better than ever!

I never would have thought i would after so short period of time start yet another of these momentous projects. But looking back i see that the sixth version was a really fun project to create, but that’s really all it was, a project. A great way to dynamically collect and display different aspects of gurkoz productions. But it really lacked the ability for me to interact and keep it alive and fresh. In any way, it felt natural for me to continue on and build something that could be used as a robust platform for my future material.

I can’t help thinking i’ve done this before. Six times before actually. In some ways i feel a bit off track devoting all this time creating these sites rather than actual content. But in the end, all that drives me is my own ambition to try and create something even better than before. I started gurkoz productions back in 1996 and now, 15 years later i can safely say with my track record that not even this will be the final version of this site. But it sure is a better version that the previous, and that is what i am bringing you today.

Also, for the first time i have used an external cms to run the site where as the previous sites all used my own developed platforms. This time i went with the excellent WordPress blogging software and i just love it. Previously it’s all been tilted towards blogging but in recent years it’s taken big steps towards a fully Content Management System. All this so instead of spending x more years developing my own software i can devote my full time to do what i love, creating content for you guys.

This time around i have tried to expand and added new sites to gurkoz productions in the quest for world domination. At first i developed these new brands as self-sufficient sites but in the end i realized that the best way to go was a collective site containing everything related to gurkoz productions. You can still visit their individual domains but they all point to different sections of this site.

So let me try and explain a bit more in detail what each of these sites will contain. They are all pretty much self explanatory but i will run them by you anyhow.

Gurkoz Productions
This is the main site of gurkoz productions. It will always be the first stop to find out what is going on in gurkoz-land.

Gurkoz Comics
For a long time i have had the intention to start creating comics. And here it is, a site fully devoted to all the comics and crazy stories i have been planning over the years. You will get a first hand look at my first stumbling steps in this field. Let’s hope it will be a fun and rewarding ride.

Gurkoz Games
Needless to say, a big passion in my life (besides my wife of course!) has always been gaming. I felt it was time to take it to the next level and create some kind of identity. What the future holds in store for gurkozGames time will tell. In the meanwhile this will be the source of all my developed modifications.

Gurkoz Ink
Same thing with this site, it’s an embryo waiting to be developed further. Being the creative nut that i am, i have not missed the wonderful world of tattoos. It’s an interesting trade and i am constantly amazed over the people who practice it. Hopefully i will continue to dive deeper into this fascinating field.

Gurkoz Wear
At the time of writing this, the primary usage for this site would be a place for me to collect and display all my different ideas about printing and clothing. Time will tell if it will evolve into something more commercial where you can purchase your own pair of slick gurkoz clothings complete with amazing custom prints.

So there you have it, the groundwork for the new version 7 of gurkoz productions website. Unfortunately, at launch the various sites will not feature loads of content. My focus here was to get the new structure online, and then really devote all my time to jam it packed with material.

So check back to see all my upcoming updates! Hope you enjoy your stay!

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