Gurkoz Games is a gaming project started in the late 2011. A few game modifications was already released prior to launch and would here finally get a dedicated source of information. On top of this, various future gaming related ventures started to form.

Released games

No games released as of yet, we are hard at work developing future titles.
Check back here for more information.

Unreleased / in development

Spinal Seed

A Science Fiction world set in an post-apocalyptic future where humanity fights for its right to survival.
Read more about Spinal Seed

Prospect Prototype

A story of a droid and his creator challenging the future.
Read more about Prospect Prototype


Other than game development we also create modifications to various titles.

Sometimes game quality is affected by low budget, tight schedule or just lack of talent. Whatever the reason might be, we pick up the slack and try to bring perfection to our favorite games. The focus is on Enhancing rather than adding new features and game modes. We generally only deal with graphics and sound effects and rarely work with any data or settings files. This results in a mod that usually is well received by the players and easily compatible with future updates and patches.

Since this is not our primary field we only create mods for specific games we like or feel is in dire need of some enhancement.

Here are a few titles that we have developed modifications for: Everquest 2, Sins of a Solar Empire, Swat 3, Quake 1, Quake 2, Quake 3, UFO Aftermath and X-Wing vs Tie-Fighter.