Basiclly, this thingy is a set of sounds than will hopefully, add additional depth and feeling to your UFO game experience.

My first reactions from this game was that the sound effects really was lacking. You can be highly involved in a game experience up to the point when you notice something that pulls you out of the game. i.e, Gaps and flaws in the design. Things that distract you from enjoying the game to it’s full extent. And to my experience, the sound was one of these things.

Anyway, don’t get me wrong here.. big cheers to Altar for this well designed game, i only want to make a good product even better. What i would like to accomplish with this enhancement is to fill in those missing gaps too keep you in depth with the full game experience.

Like all other enhancements i’ve made for games, they will only just “Enhance” the game, not alter it in any other way.

Filename: gpufoeh01beta.zip
Version: 0.1 Beta
Supports: UFO Aftermath v1.0+
Base Used: UFO Aftermath v1.2
Date: 2003-11-15

How to install?
Unzip the content into your UFO directory. A file called cfg.vfs will be created and your ready to go.

How to run it?
Just start the game.

Is it compatible with comming versions?
I guess so. If Altar doesn’t change a hell of a lot on the basic setup.. i guess it will work. Mind you, this is just a beta version that is using the cfg mod loading solution. A better mod support is under development. So be sure to check http://www.gurkoz.com for updates.

So what does this enhancement include?
This first release is targeted towards the sound aspect of the game. It contains new weapon sounds for just about every weapon.

The size of the sounds may cause memory problems… But i don’t think so,.. unless your playing with 16MB RAM. If you encounter problems, buy more memory you sneak.

Future versions is allready in the works. It will feature not just replacement sounds like this release, but will introduce fully featured and distinct sounds for all weapons. Also new music and ambient sounds to add to the allready creepy settings. And hopefully, full sounds for aliens like screams, death and grunts. Anyway, you get the picture.

In order to keep the filesize at a respectable level, i resampled all sounds in 22kHz. Although 44kHz is sweeet this will do for now. I may use 44 in a final version to give it a nice ending, time will tell.

well, me and my spare time. (spare time.. yeah right)

Beta and Quality Assurance testers
I really didn’t have enough time to test this properly. Hence the Beta state. If you find something strange, Please let me know. Future versions and updates will follow.

Disclamer and Distribution Permissions
This software is distributed ‘as is’. I am not responsible for any damage or modification this mod does to your hardware or software, if you play UFO Aftermath you ought to be tough enough to take full responsibility for your dirty deeds.

GurkoZ is not responsible for any harm or psychological affects, loss of hearing, fatigue or general irresponsibility from playing with this Enhancement.

This Enhancement is freeware and can be distributed freely as long as the zip and it’s content is not modified.