This is a pak file to enhance quake a bit. It replaces some gfx and sounds in quake, making it even cooler ;o)

Filename: gpqenh10.zip
Version: 1.00
Date released: 1998-01-11

Installation Instructions
There are some ways to install this, dependig on how your quake is set up. Just put the pakfile in the game dir you intend to enhance. Put it in id1\ to make it available to all patches, or place it in QW/ to to enhance QuakeWorld.

Case: You play with the pakfiles in the quake\id1 dir and have both pak0.pak and pak1.pak there.
Do : Put the pak file in with the others, renaming it pak3.pak.

Case: You have unpacked your pak files.
Do : Put the new pakfile under the pak0.pak filename.
Also: Unpack THIS packfile, and replace the other files.


  • Sound
    • New boss1 sight
    • New 100 health
    • New Suit on
    • New Knight death
    • New boss1 elec
    • New Secret sound
    • New Talk sound
    • New Ogre idle
    • New Player deaths
    • New Player in water
    • New Shambler fall
    • New Soldier idle
    • New shotgun attack
    • New Player shotgun
    • New Lightning sounds
    • New rocketlauncher sound
    • New Super Shotgun sound
    • New Wizard idle
  • Graphics
    • New Font
    • New better crosshair

if theres any sound or gfx you don’t like about this pak, well just unpack it, and strip out the shit.

Feel free to email me about ideas, pros and cons.

Well,.. Some other changes,.. minor things, but it all adds to the play. ;o)

Copyright and Distribution Permissions
DISCLAIMER: GurkoZ is not responsible for any harm or psychological affects, loss of hearing, fatigue or general irresponsibility from playing with this new pakfile.