This is a pack of wave files, to replace the standard ones with. It feature new cooler StarWars sounds, to enhance your XVT play.

This is how i rate XvT,.. Graphics 100% (now with 3DFX support) Gameplay 100%, Sound 50%.. The sound, is the reason why i made this pack. When you play XvT you get that “im in starwars” feeling. And thats the feeling we all want from a StarWars game,.. When i first played xvt, all things in it had that “StarWars” touch, besides the sound. Now don’t get me wrong, the sound ARE good, but not as good as it SHOULD be. OK, the laser and some other sounds are fine, What im talking about here is the explosion and flyby sounds. I was expecting sounds taken directly from the movies, handed over personally by mr Lucas himself..

So to make the sound 100% and make this game even better, i made these replacement sfx… All with the best “StarWars” feeling. The sounds was sampled from the movies, mixed and fixed, all done by me. And some taken from other sources.

Iv’e worked a lot of time on the explosions in the game. (iv’e tested a few.. heh) So now you can hear the thunderlike explosions roar from ships going up in flames (in space?).

(sure as hell would like to edit the gfx explosion too, can ya do this in XvT?)

Also made new better flyby’s… sounds cooler.

And made some other changes to the sound… like cooler turbo laser.

So now, Install these sounds, and get ready to enter TRUE starwars.

Filename: gpxvte10.zip
Version: 1.00
Date: 1998-01-16

Installation Instructions
This is rather easy, so you should manage to fix this on your own.

  1. First, make backups of your old xvt sfx, it’s the wave’s in the WAVE\ directory, not SFX\. (Backup is Optional)
  2. Copy all the wave’s form the zip file into the WAVE\ directory. Overwriting the old sfx.
  3. Connect your stereo to the computer.
  4. Turn the volume up..
  5. There ya go,.. your now ready to blast away..

Hmmmm this should not be a problem, but the new sounds use a bit more memory… and “may” cause memory problems.

Please feel free to email me, about what ya think of the sounds. I would like to think that this adds to the “StarWars” feeling of the game to all you out there.

Well,.. Some other changes,.. minor things, but it all adds to the play.

Copyright and Distribution Permissions
DISCLAIMER: GurkoZ is not responsible for any harm or psychological affects, loss of hearing, fatigue or general irresponsibility from playing with these new sounds.