Armed Forces is a modification for Swat 3 than will add additional depth and feeling to your game experience.

A lot of you gamers might be hardcore players, and don’t pay that much of attention to detail and sound. But try and SWAT3 without the sound and you’ll notice that a big part of the game is missing.

You can be highly involved in a game experience up to the point when you notice something that pulls you out of the game. i.e, Gaps and flaws in the design. Things that distract you from enjoying the game to it’s full extent.

Looking at SWAT3, we can pretty fast say that the graphics is top notch… Sierra did a marvelous job the visuals.

The sound on the other hand, is a different issue. It may be realistic, but i (and i guess a great deal of other ppl) don’t have a past experience as a Swat officer. And i must admit, i relate more to the Hollywood movie gun sounds than to the real deal ( because i’ve never heard real guns, hehe i live in a quiet community.

Rod Fung Developer at Sierra Studios stated that…
“All weapons were shot and recorded with the exact config as in the game. All the guns with cans (suppressors) on them in the game were recorded inside a CQB environment to simulate the real sound. Yes..that whip cracking sound is actually and M4A1 with a Gentech suppressor on it. Most people have never actually heard a suppressed MP or AR and they don’t know what they sound like…. this is one of the benefits of these types of weapons. Suppressors hide the muzzle signature, and most people have no idea what they sound is.”

I respect and understand this fact, and i think it’s cool that the gamedevelopers have put so much effort to make it as real as it gets.

Anyway, don’t get me wrong here.. big cheers to Sierra for this well designed game and Realistic sounds. But What i would like to accomplish with this enhancement is to fill in those missing gaps that i talked about to keep you in depth with the full game experience.

Ya ya i know, im a nit picker. But i like to edit and mess with stuff.

If you want your Swat3 experience as real as it gets, play it straight. If you want a bit more action and gore, stop reading this and check Armed Forces in the Modselector and start the action!

Filename: ArmedForces10.zip
Version: 1.0
Supports: Swat3 Elite Edition v1.6.6.0+
Base Used: Swat3 Elite Edition v1.6.6.0
Date: 03/11 00



  1. First, locate your Mod directory (Usually “c:\games\swat3\mods\” )
  2. Place the ArmedForces zipfile “as is” into your mods\ directory.
  3. Open your Swat3 Modchanger and check “ArmedForces” and your ready to go.

Remember to uncheck Sierras “Commander”, “td_weapon” and “hysteria” mod Because their all included in this mod.

How to run it?
Start your SWAT3 EE Mod selector and check “ArmedForces” then your ready to go.

Running SWAT3EE with Armed Forces Unpacked, is that possible?
Sure it, Just unzip the file into your mods\ directory, an aditional “ArmedForces\” directory will be created.


  • Weapons
    I’ve worked quite some time to make some of the suspect weapons available for the swat players. these weapons are..
    • Winchester 70
    • Scorpion
    • AR 15
    • AUG Steyr 9mm
    • Makarov
    • CZ75
  • Additions weapons
    • Winchester 70 Stealth
    • Beretta
    • Raging Bull Magnum 45
    • Desert Eagle
  • Aditional Sounds
    • Made some various enhancemets on the general sounds.
    • Increased the range and volume on some sounds.
    • New main “Heat_cue” soundtrack featuring “The Rock” ;o)
  • Graphics / Visuals
    • Created a new main front interface to reflect the Elite Edition and ArmedForces mod.
    • Added a muzzle blast & flash effect for every weapon.
    • Custom Entry & Exit wounds based upon ammo.
    • Wall blood splatter effect.
    • Blood splatter
  • Additional Sierra packs
    Implemented the best features from sierras mods.
    • The weapons and cammos from “Commander pack”.
    • The Weapons from “td_weapon” pack.
    • The hit detection and tracer effects from “td_hysteria” mod.

Note this means you don’t need to enable these mods because
they are allready present in this mod. And enhanced.

Sometimes, Aimed shots aren’t showing up where they should!?
Im aware of this,.. at first i thought i made an error, and spent a few days trying to fix it. But when i noticed the same flaw in the unmodified version, i turned to the developers.

AI Guy at Sierra Studios stated….
“we had to change the client hit detection mechanism to make it more network friendly. The result is a loss of accuracy on the client for displaying where a hit occurred. The hit really did occur where you shot, it just won’t always show up there.”

Why is the Sierra mods included?
I included them because of the features in AF that enhance some of the elements was used in those packs. And using the standalone mods would overwrite my new settings. The guns in “commander” and “td_weapon” packs are now enhanced with the new AF features.

If you where to add another new weapon, at this point.. it would not feature these effects. Im looking into this and provide you with a user friendly solution.

The Hysteria and Tracer mod is also “built in”, although only the bodyhit detection of Hysteria, not the “lower damage” gun specs.

I want to create new guns that supports your new cool muzzle blast feature! is that possible?
Yeah, it sure is.. use some of the following as a refference. Pick one of.. “Small”, “Medium” or “Large” as a MultiEffect. And replace “x” with the name of your new weapon.

“gunsmoke_x MultiEffects (0=gunsmoke_small)”
“gunsmoke_x MultiEffects (0=gunsmoke_medium)”
“gunsmoke_x MultiEffects (0=gunsmoke_large)”

NOTE: This is a experimental issue, and this would ONLY work with AF based mods. More info will follow.

Is it compatible with comming versions?
I sure hope so. If Sierra doesn’t change a hell of a lot on the basic setup.. i guess it will work. Or i’ll just release a new version.

I can’t imagine any big problems playing with this mod.. Future modifications may cause some bugs, but i’ll work hard on keeping this thing up to date.


  • new versions to keep up with sierra’s updates.
  • More weapons with custom models

well, me and my spare time. (spare time.. yeah right)

Beta and Quality Assurance testers
MaC, Tanx for the intense late night Bugtesting.

Disclamer and Distribution Permissions

This software is distributed ‘as is’. I am not responsible for any damage or modification this mod does to your hardware or software, if you play Swat3 you ought to be tough enough to pick up the pieces yourself and to take full responsibility for your dirty deeds.

GurkoZ is not responsible for any harm or psychological affects, loss of hearing, fatigue or general irresponsibility from playing with this new mod. This thingy is 100% safe and tested, so you should have no trouble with it. But if you do.. please don’t blame me.

Armed Forces Swat3 mod is freeware and can be distributed freely as long as the zip and it’s content is not modified.



Swat3.de: Hi there! Thank-you for taking the time to answer some questions for the community. First please introduce yourself.

GurkoZ: My name is GurkoZ, Creator of the Armed Forces modifications of Sierras SWAT3 – Elite Edition.

Swat3.de: The first version of your Armed Forces mod looks very professional and well designed. Was this the first mod you have created?

GurkoZ: No this ain’t my first modification, i’ve actually done a few. But i’ve never done any real TC full modifications… only smaller ones focused on gameplay and enhancements. I’ve been editing Quake since day #1 and released quite a few successful pak files. I think it’s a shame when a good game gets spoiled because of miss placed sounds and other gameplay flaws. Often it’s just small changes that needs to be done, but it all adds so much to the overall game experience. I hope AF brings SWAT3 a new fresh feel of Good quality and design.

Swat3.de: Version 1.0 has some small bugs e.g. multiplayer gaming isn’t possible and the gameplay slows down. Are you planning to release another version of the mod to fix these bugs?

GurkoZ: “Multiplayer” with AF 1.0 Is possible,.. but that’s restricted to LAN play only. For some reason i doesn’t work with internet play. Im not sure yet if the Online rules differs from LAN play and causes this, or if it’s a general bug in the AF mod. When creating a complex mod of this size, it’s hard not to get tangled up in performance issues like this. Im looking into this to provide a new solution and update to adress this problem.

As for the “slowdown”, i don’t really know… The AF experience may be a bit demanding, but if that’s the case… then so be it, i won’t compromise the end product. To divide AF into smaller mods may resolve this problem, so that players with slower systems may “disable” the excessive effects to speed up gamepaly. But i sure will try and tweak it.

A future release is planned.

Swat3.de: What features do you want to include in future releases? And when will the next version be released?

GurkoZ: I plan to push the limits of SWAT3, even try to break them. The main issue will be to get Internet play up and running. I’ll start with divide AF into smaller addon mods. This will give the player the ability to choose the part of AF he likes best, and enable it.

This is the plan, but i yet don’t know if it’s possible to manage this… Armed Forces v1.0 is compiled in a compact way, making these muzzle and blood effects work so good. Dividing it up may cause it all to fail. But if all works out, you’ll will experience more future addons to Armed Forces.

Also im looking into the possibility of viewable player weapon models, so you may see this in a future release.

Other than this, i’ll tweak and polish all the features. Im fully open for idea’s and suggestions, so i devote quite some time reading the forums and feedback for players response to AF and SWAT3.

Don’t know about the release date of this, but i’ll try and get it out ASAP. My work and girlfriend take up a lot of my spare time, but i’ve seen how this mod has affected the Swat3 Community, so if i don’t take the opportunity to continue this, i really should have my brain examined and mailed back to my parents.

Swat3.de: Have you thought about some other mods for Swat 3 like new missions, e.g.?

GurkoZ: Armed Forces will grow as time goes, and hopefully it will feature all elements possible of a SWAT3 modification. If the Developers at Sierra should share some source code and other stuff, there’s no telling where this would end up. I just hope i can maintain the interest that AF has generated, and please the SWAT3 community in the future bringing it more action, gore and cool stuff.

I’ll be working hard to ensure you that the concept of Armed Forces is… Well designed, It adds to your Game Experience and it’s worth your download.

Swat3.de: Once again thanks to GurkoZ for the interview!


Turdis: Will AF v2 be released before or after the 10 player patch is released, or is it undecided?

GurkoZ: To my knowledge, the 10 player patch will be released after Christmas, so guess i will hold on the AF release until that.

Turdis: What new things will be enhanced in the new AF mod?

GurkoZ: Well, the first release of version 2 will primary feature the same things as release 1, only better, more userfriendly and more stable. Additional future releases will feature more weapons and camos.

Turdis: What are your views on GRiP mod if u don’t mind telling?

GurkoZ: Cool thing about the supposed added realism thingy, what i dislike is the dissing of Sierra AI and the fact that it featured all aspects of my AF mod.

Turdis: When did u start getting involved with modding for SWAT3?

GurkoZ: From day #1 when Swat3 Elite Edition was released. I bought my copy of Swat3 CQB way back and played it quite a lot, but i never did any moding for it then, guess i was involved with some Quake 3 editing.

Turdis: What is the most enjoyable part of AF been so far?

GurkoZ: The huge feedback, for sure.

Turdis: Have you already started planning for AF3 and/or will small mods be released after AF2 is released and it will all be part of AF2?

GurkoZ: No comment as of yet.

Turdis: Will you move to swat4 when it comes out or will you continue to mod for swat3?

GurkoZ: If SWAT4 will have mod support, sure why not.

Turdis: Do you think your on the brink of realism and unrealism?

GurkoZ: Hehe, well.. i guess i never intended the concept of Armed Forces to be realistic in any way, i just added stuff to enhance the overall action in the game.

Turdis: Are you happy with the splatter pack?

GurkoZ: Well, with the limitations and restrictions swat3 modding have, i am pretty pleased. I would liked to spend more time on that part of the mod, but i guess it turned out ok. I am currently working on this for version 2, and i must say i am pretty pleased with what i have accomplished so far. When AF2 is released, get your hands on a shotgun and and go ballistic.

Turdis: What do you think will separate AF2 from the rest of the mods?

GurkoZ: Well, as for version 2.. it will be the overall concept. Im trying to please all types of players with dividing the mod up in different sections. This way everyone can use and enjoy the parts they like the best about the mod. If it all turns out the way i wan’t, all swat3 players should have some part of the AF mod enabled when they play.

Turdis: What is your favorite game and be honest?

GurkoZ: First to be honest, i must say that i don’t really play games that much anymore. At least not for share fun, but more like for the experience. But if i must name one, i guess it would still be the Quake games.

Turdis: What game do you like modding for the most?

GurkoZ: Well, i really like the concept of Swat3 modding, Some people may be put of with the limitations of swat3, but i like the fact that you know the limitations and what you can do, and cannot. Talking about sheer possibilities, Quake still kicks ass for modding.

Turdis: How long have you been a fan of SWAT3?

GurkoZ: Since swat3 came out. I played rainbow six back then and remembering reading about swat3 and i just had to have it. Bought me a copy the day after that.

Turdis: What super hero would you be and why?

GurkoZ: In that case, i would make up my own.

Turdis: How did you ‘get into’ graphics?

GurkoZ: Well, i have always been drawing and sketching using plain old pen and paper. So when i finished my three year art school, i started to work as a web designer / Graphical designer.


The ARMED FORCES 1.0 mod has taken the Swat3 community by storm!!! It’s the main topic of discussion at the moment and it seems that many similar mods will follow in it’s footsteps. Normally I don’t post about new mods released, but this particular mod represents an important milestone for Elite Edition. Armed Forces v1.0 by Gurkoz, is the first “complete” weapons mod, because it adds such a significant number of weapons and other features to the game. Along with some cool new gore and muzzle effects, there’s some great new weapons included. This mod is pretty hefty, weighing in at 6.3 MB. But don’t be surprised if this quickly becomes quite popular.

I can hear you saying “What Armed Forces Mod?”. Well it hasn’t had much hype and it’s only been brought to the community’s attention in the past few days. But the author has sent me a copy and asked me to mirror it here. So I’ve done that and tested the mod a bit. It totally rocks! Swat3 has never looked so good! There are no apparent flaws or bugs in Armed Forces. Just pure class! This mod is created by a professional graphic designer and it shows. So in the side bar click BIG MODS, then download Armed Forces! The mod adds new weapons (sniper rifles included!) and some other cool guns! It’s pretty late here (1 AM) so I can’t do too much testing as my eyes are beginning to become overly heavy lol. So get this mod NOW! You will not regret it!

I can assure you this mod is pure class! It is well worth downloading! So don’t just sit here and read! Download it and experience AF for yourself! As soon as I loaded up Swat3 with AF enabled I was blown away by how professional the game looked! The main menu has NEVER looked so good!!! And there’s many other excellent features that are sure to grab your attention! There’s additional weapons and sounds (as mentioned above) and they make the game better than it already is! This mod is MUST HAVE! Get it now!

Hey All! Armed Forces 1.0 has been released! This is a fantastic mod! IMO Swat3 has never looked sooo good! So grab this killer mod now!

Nice mod! The main menu screen kicks pelvic-region!

I personally give this mod the Nutz4Linux Seal Of Approval.

The graphics are top notch, blend in perfectly with the interface of the game.

Installed the Armed Forces mod, and it´s a job WELL DONE. Great work Gurkoz.

Man what a great job. Thanks for the fun!

Very nice mod! I hope this triggers a long row of mods of this and better quality! Gurkoz did a great job. Very neat graphics. It´s a challenge for Sierra to compete with this master.

The armed forces mod is outstanding! It makes EE even better!!!!! Sounds are top notch, realism is better, blood effects better everything is awesome! Well done!!! If you haven’t got it you don’t know what you are missing.

It’s the best mod I’ve come across for Swat3 so far :) (and I run a mod site!).

Downloaded this mod and it is superb, it runs ok without no problems. I didn’t think my Swat 3 EE could get any better but it has!!! If you havent got it go download it NOW!

MAAAANNN is this SWWEEEET! This has to be the best mod yet!

Very cool MOD. Keep ‘em coming.

I must say the mod is AWESOME!!